Marrying the Prince: The Stars That Chose Simple Girls

Many people are interested in the life of movie stars - this is partly the magic of Hollywood. The actors are surrounded by a halo of greatness and mystery, which is diligently cultivated by the media, talking about regular romance and weddings between media characters. As you can see, Hollywood marriages are rarely concluded for life. But the marriages of stars with ordinary people like russian girls for marriage surprise with constancy. In our material, you will learn the stories of a few actors who have chosen simple girls for their wives.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

Blue-eyed handsome Nicolas Cage to his 52 years was married three times. At first, he was dating the actress Christina Falton, who gave birth to his son, then he married actress Patricia Arquette. This marriage lasted for six years. His second legitimate choice was the daughter of the "King of Rock and Roll" - Lisa Maria Presley. With her, Cage divorced about three months after the wedding. After this last relationship, Nicolas married with a waitress of Korean origin Ellis Kim. The couple met in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles, where Kim worked in 2004 and live together more than 12 years. The tabloids write that the actor loved the girl at first sight and soon invited her to the Oscar ceremony. A few months later, Cage made his offer of a hand and heart to his passion, and also gave her a restaurant. Spouses raise a common son, whose name is Cal-Al.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon also found a wife in a restaurant. In 2003, the actor met with Argentinean Luciana Barroso in one of the nightclubs in Miami, where she worked as a bartender. The girl told Damon that she loves films with his participation, and soon a new beautiful romance began. December 9, 2005, in New York, Damon and already pregnant Barroso married. The actor also adopted his wife's daughter from a previous marriage. In 2006, little Isabella appeared, and in 2008 Gia Zavala was born. And the couple decided not to stop on this! In 2010, Luciana gave birth to another daughter, who received the name, Stella Zavala.

What to do: Solve problems in a timely manner and do not return to them. If you had a reason for the conflict several years ago, but you still continued the relationship, then both of you at that moment let go of the situation. Then what's the point of raising this topic again?

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower

Robert De Niro was married twice. His first wife was the actress and singer Diane Abbott, in marriage with whom he had a son Rafael. In addition, the actor adopted the child of Abbott from her first marriage. But in 1998 the family broke up and the actor got into a long relationship with former model Tukey Smith. Through a surrogate mother, De Niro got two more children: Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick, but this romance was not destined to last forever. The second time, Robert De Niro married the stewardess Grace Hightower. The marriage of this couple cannot be called cloudless. De Niro married Hightower when the girl was pregnant, but the common child did not stop Grace from becoming insanely jealous of her stellar husband.

At one point the actor filed for divorce, however, this marriage was revived by the misfortune. When De Niro became seriously ill, he was close to his jealous husband. The couple married again, and in 2011, again thanks to a surrogate mother, the couple had a daughter, Helen.