Love on Olympus: The Most Touching Love Stories in the Big Sport

Olympic games for athletes are the most important competitions in life. The honor to represent your country in the world's largest tournament falls to the chosen and, of course, everyone wants to concentrate on training and winning.

However, for some famous athletes, the Olympics became a place where they met their second half.

Ole-Einar Bjoerndalen and Daria Domracheva

On the most titled Norwegian biathlon athlete of the world there are always rumors. Many people do not understand how in 42 years the athlete manages to keep such an amazing physical shape without using dope. This has led to regular accusations of dishonest play, both on the part of envious persons and on the part of unsuccessful competitors. But words are an empty sound if they are not argued in any way. Bjorndalen proves to the world that in his 40+, one cannot just be the best athlete, but also start building a family. True, the second in a row.

In 2013, he divorced the Italian biathlete Natalie Santer after seven years of marriage and married the number one star of the Belarusian sport - Daria Domracheva, who, incidentally, is a three-time Olympic champion in biathlon.

However, while the couple was not officially registered, they tried not to show their personal lives. Press now and then wondered, are Domracheva and Bjoerndalen together or not. Clarity appeared only at the Sochi Olympics, when instead of sitting on the bench next to his team, the Norwegian sat down with Domracheva.

The paparazzi could not fail to notice that the athlete spends a lot of time with the Belarusian girl.

Later, Dasha admitted that they personally met in Vancouver.

Alyona Zavarzina and Vic Wilde

And this Russian-American married couple of snowboarders won everyone on the same Olympics in Sochi. They married a long time ago - 5 years ago. Vic moved to Russia, took citizenship and brought the country two gold Olympic medals.

They met at the Snowboard Cup in 2009, or rather, at a party after the competition.

However, despite mutual sympathy, the couple started dating only two years later. According to Alyona, Vic was afraid of the relationship and therefore they communicated via Facebook as friends for two years.

The situation changed when a snowboard cup was held in Moscow. Vic did not have a coach, and she herself did not participate in the competitions because before that she badly injured her leg. However, having learned that Vic was in Moscow, she went to train a young man. That night he took her hand for the first time.

Next was a joint trip to Mexico and to Vic's parents in California.

When the athlete was surfing, he was stung by a stingray. Alyona, like a real Russian woman, pulled a guy out of the ocean, gave him first aid, and then Vic realized that his future wife was standing in front of him.