Dangerous Habits in Relationships That are Often not Appreciated

As a rule, if there is a problem, then there must be a solution, use dating a ukrainian woman tips. In the relationship between a man and a woman there are many problems of varying degrees of complexity, and the strength of the union depends on the ability to deal with them. But worst of all, when problems do not seem to be so. Not because they are insignificant, but because the principles of living together in our minds make us believe that some of the problems are considered a normal and integral part of it. They are the most dangerous, simply because they are not given importance.

Reproaches for the past

What does it mean: It's when 5 years ago you forgot to congratulate her on your first anniversary, and she still remembers it to you at every opportunity. In fact, there can be a lot of reasons for which one of the partners is offended by another. You may think it's not that important, but that this grudge passes through all your relationships and, appearing at the most unnecessary moment, is used as an additional argument in the quarrel.

Why it is dangerous: An old grievance can be used as a means of manipulating a partner. And instead of finding a compromise with each new conflict, people begin to appeal to the old, which further complicates the situation. In the end, if both partners accumulate grievances, then there will be no place in their dialogues for anything other than mutual claims.

What to do: Solve problems in a timely manner and do not return to them. If you had a reason for the conflict several years ago, but you still continued the relationship, then both of you at that moment let go of the situation. Then what's the point of raising this topic again?

The manifestation of passive aggression

What this means: Instead of openly talking about one's desires or claims, one of the partners expresses its dissatisfaction with hints, minor gestures or rough intonations that are used to anger the other partner.

Why it is dangerous: There is nothing constructive in this behavior, except the desire to make your partner feel guilty.

What you need to do: Always talk about what bothers you, directly and openly. Even if your partner is not guilty of this problem, he or she can support you or give advice.

Use of relations for blackmail

What does this mean: Speculation on the value of a relationship for the sake of gaining one's own benefit. In this case, the utterance of any, even the most insignificant problem is suppressed by blackmail. For example, if a girl says: "I feel that you are cold with me," the guy replies: "Well, if you think I'm cold, then we should break up."

Why this is dangerous: Such emotional speculation leads to unreasonable drama. As a result, each insignificant conflict will be stalled instead of attempting to resolve it. From this, the negative in the relationship will only accumulate.

What to do: In fact, there is nothing wrong with being offended sometimes by your partner. This proves your indifference to him or her. Just need to understand the difference: to be attached to a person and always like him - this is not the same thing. Only close people can afford feedback with each other, and this is what can maintain a strong and healthy relationship.