6 Rules for Celebrity Dating

If you keep an eye over celebrity world then it can be easily observed that there are very few of them who got married to an ordinary person whereas all others are busy to hand with other celebrity. Actual it is well proven that celebrities follow certain rules for their love life and most of these seem to obey such rules strictly. They always love to be in hot list on media and it is not possible if they date ordinary man/women; so we can say that celebrity dating is somewhere more oriented towards publicity and all of them love to stay on front pages of magazines or news papers. After looking this common scenario, we are very much sure that all of them are following a common rule manual of dating.

Here are the most useful six rules for celebrity dating:

1.The concept of being famous:

Celebrities always search for a dating partner who is as famous as they are? There can be few exceptions to this rule but in most of cases it is followed blindly. Size of your success decides about whom you can date and the connections are usually found between celebrities famous to almost same extend.

2.Stick to common industry:

Most of the times celebrities love to stick with the same industry for finding a dating partner. For pop singers, it is always preferable to date another pop singer and similarly actors form couple with popular actresses. In the cinema industry, people love to hang with someone who is approachable in their own industry as it is simply an easier way to spend time together.

3.Time matters:

Celebrities have least time to spend with their partner due to huge signed dates; in such conditions if they have partner from anywhere out of this industry then it will become really difficult to carry their relationship but in case if both of you belong to same industry then it becomes much easier to handle from both sides as you are pretty much aware of things. And the best thing is that you often find time to sit together due to common shooting dates and it makes everything possible ahead.

4.Flirting on Red Carpet:

You can easily find celebrities flirting in public events or on red carpet; it makes them noticeable between public and make their relation more popular. Celebrities love to stay in hot news with such gossips all around.

5.Deny! Deny! a common habit:

There is nothing new about denying any relationship in public for a celebrity; when they are spotted together everywhere they feel it good but when media use to ask such questions, their reply will always be common: “there is nothing like that”. They always prefer to keep it personal for long time and take huge time to announce it publically.

6.Announcement of relationship:

It is very useful to have a facebook, twitter or instagram account if you are a celebrity because they often love to announce status of their relationship by social media posts. There is no need to go to the public and say about it, simply write on your wall and soon it will become hot news about celebrity life.

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